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Monday, October 18, 2004

I have enough enemies in my head
I don't want another voice added to it
I want to hear nice things
I want you to be my ally

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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

i don't want money
i don't want a car
i don't want a house
i just want companionship
that's all

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Sunday, June 27, 2004

open up your heart
and intentions
don't hide things
be honest
everything will be fine
don't stay in one dimension
make a circle and look from
other people's eyes
i mean really look
leave your head for a while
get some help
see a shrink
open your heart
clean your head
be simple
stop the battle
you created in your mind
don't fight yourself
be nice to yourself
see yourself as the one
and only unique being
that you are - no one like
you ever lived or ever will live
be nice to that self
and be clear and open
and it'll all open to you
get yourself out of your way
and again - see a good shrink

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Monday, June 14, 2004

could it be that we've become
so bitter by the world
that our views are so cloudy
that we can't see the beauty
in things
or that we think the road
to happiness has not outlet.
I want to wash the dirt off
of my glasses and see things
in a brand new way.
i wanna be happy
The end.
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Sunday, June 13, 2004

when the whisky
begins to do it's
don't be afraid
to pitch a tent
in the middle of
the grass field
where the cows graze
and sleep with a sense
of peace that all the walking
was to get you here
to the middle of nowhere
so you know you are not
bound to anything
you only have
and your prayer
show me the way
to the mosque
or the nearest bar
either will do
but wait till
i awake from
this dream

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pink salmon
hot chelo kabob
bAghalee polo
the old lady
checking her teeth
in a pocket mirror
at the table
say hello
be polite
don't offend anyone
by being free
they may think you're 'strange'
don't deny what happens in your head
sip on the wine, give it quick twirl
let it sit on your tounge
and swallow
now drink the whole glass
take off your tie
tie your shoes
minimize your ego
and dance
this is all you are here for
dance with the world
taste the world
those who don't see
won't see
don't watch them
cause you'll go blind too
just dance

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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

posted by kayvon  # 8:05 PM
as a kid i used to say:
There is something i want
but i don't know what it is
i got everything else
every toy, every clothes, every thing
but that thing i was missing
and i'm still searching
where is it?
Where do i look?
is it a person, a thing...?
does it even exist?

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i reach
for anything
to help me
except myself
many have tried
but there is something
I cannot pinpoint
that paralyzes me
and all my energy is busy
with that thing.
If I could just see it
don't every worry about hurting me
i do that to myself all the time.
honesty is all i want.
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I wanna go somewhere
where i can forget myself
I wanna forget everything forever
I just wanna feel my movements
I wanna dance
I just wanna watch the mind
play it's games without me
and eventually fizzle away
I wanna lay on the beach
I wanna forget myself
i just wanna dance
I wanna hug everyone
i wanna love everything so much
that i become exhausted and pass out
so i can do it all over again

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Sobha nAn o panirak bekhorim
va bekArim nahAli sarre har piche kalAm
va bepAshim miyAn do hajA tokhme sokoot.
va naporsim kojAyeem
va naporsim ke favAreye aghbAl kojAst
va naporsim pedarhAye pedar che nasimi, che shabi dashtand...

-sohrab sepehri
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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

It's time once again
to start fresh
tabula rasa
no judgments
no labels
just observe and listen
to the unbiased beat
and joyous rhythm of life
and once seperation knocks
and tries to throw off this
i will know it's just my ego
seperate egos will always fight
but heart never lies

posted by kayvon  # 6:35 PM
when i acknowleged you
this afternoon by giving
you a nodd of my head
and a quick smile
I was recognizing your existance
and appreciating how you contribute
to this world simply by working hard
all day to put up somebody's fence
or paint their house or haul the cement
out of someone's truck and help them
rebuild their fancy swimming pool
You are not just "cheap labor"
and when you waved to me and smiled
I understood that we are not all that
different and that we all work
we all laugh, sing, bleed, get hungry,
we're not all that different

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